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    Room 1015,Beijing Research Institute of Meha-
    nical & Electrical Technology,No.18 Xueqing Road,
    Haidian District,
    Beijing,P.R. China 100083

    Automatic milling machine

    The milling technology radically reduces sample contamination and the memory effect.

    It's a optimum choice for preparing iron and steel samples for XRF and OE analysis


    Fully automated milling machine for metal samples


    Flexible sample shapes & more samples per cycle:

    The latest version Analymiller emphasize on the sample clamping technique suitable for more sample types, steady and no requirement of parallel lines, for more number of samples, 2--20 samples  per process cycle.  

    One drive motor with 2 heads:

    Two exchangeable milling heads driven by one motor, for different samples materials. 

    Comprehensive performance conquer hardest samples:

    Sturdy structure and optimum cutter choice ensure the ideal milling result for samples hardness HRC64, with long cutting blade life.


    Technical data

    Dimensions and weight(approx) :

    Machine: WLH : 118310551980 mm  

    Weight : 1600 kg

    Electrical cabinet: WLH : 10005001760 mm   Weight : 400 kg

    Hydraulic unit: WLH : 620450530 mm  Weight : 100 kg


    Electrical power supply:



    Compressed air:

    Pressure:6-10bar, connect caliber:8mm,windpipe external diameter:10mm


    Electronic controller:


    votage:220V 100W

    Preparation programs(default setting ): 20


    Milling head:

    1 or 2 (option)  automatic replacement


    Support drives:

    X axis Servo drive: moment: 8.34Nm   Rotary speed: 1500rpm    Speed:max. 100mm/s

    Z axis Servo drive: moment:11.5Nm    Rotary speed: 1500rpm    Speed:max.60mm/s


    Milling spindle Servo drive:

    Power: 4.4KW  Moment: 28.4Nm 

    Speed at milling head: 200-1200rpm 

    Number of milling heads: 2 (option)



    X axis: 200mm   

    Z axis: 200mm


    Processing parameters

    Cutting depth: 0 - 2 mm

    programmable in steps of 0.01mm


    Processable samples:

    Material: iron,carborn steel,high-grade steel,aluminium,zinc,lead...

    Hardness:max 64HRC  depending on cutting tips and material characteristics

    Temperature:0-800 C  

    Height: 8mm - 45mm

    Dimensions: Width/diameter: 30mm-50mm/30mm-50mm

    Form: round(column/conical/ball),seal shape, oval, without pin, square samples , rectangular, double thickness

    Other dimensions can be customized according to your needs!


    Experience values for preparing samples:

    Carbon steel samples for OE-analysis: preparation time: 30-40 sec.

    Iron samples for XRF-analysis: preparation time: 40-50 sec

    Number of samples prepared with one set of cutting blades: 

    300 - 1000 carbon steel samples

    200 - 800 iron samples