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    Room 1015,Beijing Research Institute of Meha-
    nical & Electrical Technology,No.18 Xueqing Road,
    Haidian District,
    Beijing,P.R. China 100083

    WFX-810 Zeeman Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer


    1 Dual light sources and dual atomizers (national patent), a unique integrated structure design with a high degree of user friendliness.

    1.1 Parallel flame and graphite furnace atomizer, without mechanical movements and changeover, ensuring long time stability and  reliability

    1.2 Time-sharing dual light sources, no need for changing lamps, increasing the number of analyzable elements to the maximum and reducing operation and adjustment time to the minimum

    1.3 Alternate use of the shortest optical path, to reduce light energy losses.

    2 More powerful dual magnetic fields Zeeman background correction technology

    2.1 Adopting constant magnetic field, transverse Zeeman background correction device for both flame and graphite furnace analysis, with super powerful dual atomizer high background correction capability over the whole wavelength range.

    2.2 Intensified flame constant magnetic field to improve the analytical sensitivity

    2.3 Quasi double beam design to correct baseline drift, shorten preheating time and improve analytical accuracy

    3 Integrated design of graphite furnace power supply with the main unit

    3.1 Multiple shielding technology successfully decreases magnetic interference

    3.2 Shortening the distance of power supply reduces power losses dramatically

    3.3 Compact structure, small space requirement, easy and simple installation and moving

    4 Advanced electronic design

    4.1 New generation large scale integration technology with simple and reliable PC boards

    4.2 New generation bus and internal network technology, enhancing the anti-interference capability of the system

    5 Fully automatic operation with high accuracy

    5.1 Automatic 82 lamp turrets, automatic adjustment of lamp current and optimize of light beam position

    5.2 Automatic wavelength scanning and peak picking

    5.3 Automatic spectral bandwidth changing

    5.4 Automatic changeover between flame and graphite furnace operation, automatic ignition and automatic gas flow setting

    6 Brand-new fully automated flameless analysis technology with high reliability

    6.1 Newly designed graphite furnace and its power supply system with ultra-rapid heating, super long time stability and super high power efficiency

    6.2 Intelligent fully automated sampler, with automatic working curve generation, automatic tracing and correction of liquid surface height in the sample vessel, automatic long term memorizing of the sampling probe position

    7 Perfect safety protection measures

    7.1 Alarm and automatic safety protection to fuel gas leakage, abnormal flow, insufficient air pressure and abnormal flame extinction in flame system

    7.2 Monitoring, alarm and protection function to insufficient protective gas pressure and cooling water supply in graphite furnace system

    7.3 Cooling wate monitoring and protection in magnetic field system

    7.4 Drain tube water seal monitoring and alarm

    8 User friendly operation software

    8.1 Convenient, friendly and reliable AAS software under Windows XP operation system

    8.2 Quick setting, automatic adjustment and automatic optimization of instrument parameters

    8.3 Safety monitoring, quick prompt ad protection

    8.4 Intelligent analytical quality control, precision control, standard sample check and Spike check functions

    8.5 User selectable analytical report formats


    Main Specification

    Wavelength range


    Wavelength accuracy



    Better than 0.3nm.

    Baseline stability


    Light Source

    Lamp turret

    Automatic 82 lamp turrets (Two high performance hollow cathode lamps can be mounted on each turret);

    Lamp current


    Lamp power supply mode

    200Hz narrow square wave pulse

    Optical System


    Czerny-Turner type


    1800 l/mm

    Focal length


    Blazed Wavelength


    Spectral Bandwidth

    Flame mode:0.2nm, 0.4nm, 0.8nm, 1.6nm

    Graphite furnace mode: 0.2,0.4, 1.2nm


    Flame atomizer

    Burner: 10cm single slot all-titanium burner

    Spray chamber: corrosion resistant all-plastic spray chamber

    Nebulizer: high efficiency glass nebulizer with metal sleeve

    Position adjustment: flame heigh is adjustable

    Graphite Furnace atomizer

    Temperature range: Room temperature~3000ºC

    Heating rate: 2000/s

    Graphite tube dimensions: 28mm(L)8mm(OD)

    Detection and Data Processing System


    R955 Photomultiplier with high sensitivity and wide spectral range.


    Professional AAS software under Windows XP operating system

    Analytical method

    Working curve auto-fitting; standard addition method, automatic sensitivity correction, automatic calculation of concentration and content.

    Repeat times

    1~99 times, automatic calculation of mean value, standdard deviation and relative standard deviation.

    Multi-task Functions

    Sequential measurement for multi-element in same sample

    Condition reading

    With model function

    Result printing

    Measurement data and final analytical report print out, editing with Excel


    Standard RS-232 serial port; supporting USB port communication


    Background Correction System

    Flame constant magnetic field Zeeman background correction

    Magnetic flux density:1.0T

    Graphite furnace constant magnetic field Zeeman background correction

    Magnetic flux density:1.0T

    Dimensions and weight

    Main unit

    1160630570mm, unpacked 160kg


    320270260mm, unpacked 15kg