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    Quality is defined as conformance to requirements.

    Total Quality Management is our business philosophy.

    The benchmark for quality comprises our performance goals which are continuously measured.


    Laboratory gas generator: www.gas-lab.com

    High-Frequency Fusion System: www.fusion-frequency.com

    Pharmaceutical test equipment: www.pharma-tester.com


    Karaltay Scientific Instruments Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturing company specializing in the production of laboratory equipment.Our main products include: Accessories for XRF (fusion system, grinding mill and press machine), Consumables for UV/VIS spectrophotometer and AAS (glass cells, quartz cells, hollow cathode lamps and graphite tubes) and Consumables for HPLC&GC (solvent filtration apparatus, syringe filter, syringe, membrane, gas generator and etc) and other laboratory equipment...